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​Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers

M​ary Pat Hawkins ​Health & Wellness Director, Master Personal Trainer

Mary Pat has 30+ Years Experience. She attended Merrimack College and achieved the following certifications: AFAA CPT, Group Exercise, ISCA CPT, Master Trainer/Presenter.

​MP specializes in working with all age groups and levels and injury prevention and rehabilitation.
​​(781) ​476-9910

​​​​Allison Swartz —​Fitness Instructor

​Allison has been teaching Yoga at athe JCCNS since 2016. Allison is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance.

​​Andrew Simons ​​​​​​​Personal Trainer

Andrew has 3+ Years Experience. He ​received a ​bachelor's from the University of Vermont and is ​certified as a Personal Trainer from ACSM. He Specializes in Sports Specific Training, Plyometrics and Functional Training.

​​​Aryn Ferreira ​​​​​DancEnergy Instructor

Aryn has been teaching DancEnergy at the JCCNS for 5 years and was a student of the program for 10 years prior to that.

​​​Blake Foreman ​​​​​​​Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Blake has 2+ Years Experience. He has a ​degree in Sports & Movement Science, with a concentration in Clinical Exercise Science and ​specializes in training athletes. 

​Bridget Seay —​Fitness Instructor

​Bridget has been with the JCCNS for 10 years. She is a Zumba™ and Spinning™ certified instructor.

​​Bridgette Karns ​Fitness Instructor

​Christina Cain ​​​​​​Fitness Instructor

Christina has been teaching at the JCCNS for 3 years. She is a certified Zumba instructor.

​​​​​Claudia Rodenstein ​​DancEnergy Instructor

Claudia has been with the JCCNS for 4 years. Trained in ballet, jazz and tap, she was also a member of the Young Dance Company in Marblehead for many years. 20 years ago, she discovered DancEnergy and found the program to be a perfect match with her dance background.

​Cybele Leger —​Fitness Instructor

Cybele is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor and has been teaching Yoga at JCCNS for 3 years.  She also teaches Kids Yoga for our after-school program.

​​​Darci Mehall —​Fitness Instructor

​Darci has been teaching at the JCCNS for 11 years. She is certified in Body Pump, Drums Alive, and Pilates. She has her GEX certification from AFAA.

​​Deborah Correia —​​Fitness Instructor

​Deborah "Deb" has been with us at the JCCNS since 2014, instructing Pilates Mat classes.

​Dennis Goldsmith —​Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

​Dennis has been at the JCCNS for 15 years as a GEX instructor, Personal Trainer, and Tae Kwon Do instructor. He is AFFA/NASM and ACE certified. Dennis is also a CPR/AED Trainer for the JCCNS and teaches a variety of self-defense formats.

​He specializing in evaluation and design of corrective exercises and fitness programs for clients who want to maintain or improve their level of fitness. ​He also specializes in​ working with Seniors, Post-Rehab, and both Pre and Post-Natal Women.

Dennis ​received ​a B.A. from Temple University and a Masters Degree in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University. ​

​Emily Moore ​​​​​​​​​Spin Instructor

Emily has been a Spinning certified instuctor at the JCCNS for 5+ years.

​​​​Hannah Ginley ​​​DancEnergy Instructor

​​​Hannah has been at the JCCNS for 5 years as an instructor for our DancEnergy program. She is classically trained in Ballet.

​​​​James D'Ambrosio ​Fitness Instructor

James is a certified Zumba™ instructor here at the JCCNS, and has been with us for the past 2 years. He has been teaching a variety of Zumba™ formats for the past 4 years.

​​​​Jayne Collibee —​Fitness Instructor

​Jayne has been teaching Aqua Fitness at the JCCNS since 2013 and is Aqua certified through AEA.

​​​​​​Jeff Quinn ​​​​​​​​Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Jeff has been at the JCCNS for 6 years as a lead personal trainer. ​H​e is ISSA National certified in Personal Training and specializes in strength and conditioning.

​Jim Velastagul ​Fitness Instructor

​​​​​Jim has been teaching at the JCCNS since 2013. He is a Zumba™ certified instructor.

​​Joyce Colahan ​​​DancEnergy Instructor

​Joyce is the Owner and Choreographer for the JCCNS DancEnergy program which has called the JCCNS home since 2013. DancEnergy has just celebrated it's 35th year in Marblehead. Joyce studied Dance at Umass Amherst and danced professionally for 7 years with Trisler Danscompany.

​Kim Crowley —​Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

​Kim has been with the JCCNS since 2009. She is Group Ex certified through AFAA, holds a Personal Training certificate from ACE, and is also Zumba™ certified and teaches a variety of formats.

​Lisa Gillis ​​Fitness Instructor, DancEnergy Instructor, and Personal Trainer


​Lisa Laurano ​Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

​Lisa has taught GEX at the JCCNS for 16 years. She has recently become ISCA Personal Training certified and trains clients as well. She is SWC certified in GEX and teaches a variety of formats.

​​​​​​​Marjorie Cantor ​​​​​​​​​Spin Instructor

Margie has been a Spin instructor at the JCCNS for 8 years. She is certified by MadDog Spinning.

​​​​​Mike Day ​​​​​​​​Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

​Mike has been working at the JCCNS since 2010 as a member of the Fitness Floor Staff and recently as a Personal Trainer. Mike is also the Fitness Floor Manager and is ISCA Personal Training certified as well as ISCA  Kettlebell certified. He's ​currently a candidate for B.S. in Fitness & Wellness at Salem State University. He ​specializes in Mixed Martial Arts Training, Muscle Building, Endurance, and Strength Training.

​​Nadica Spinhim —​​Spin Instructor

Nadica has been at the JCCNS for 2 years. She is Johnny G certified, as well as First Aid/CPR certified. She is also a trained EMT.

​​​​Sarah McCormack ​​​​​​​​Fitness Instructor

​Stephanie Greenfield ​​​Fitness Instructor

Step​hanie has been a fitness instructor at the JCCNS since 2016. She teaches a variety of Yoga formats and completed her 200-hour Yoga teacher training with David Magone PranVayu Yoga.

​​Sue Riordan ​​Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

​​Sue has been working at the JCCNS for five years.  She is a personal trainer and DancEnergy teacher.  Her certifications include: ISCA CPT, CMT, CLC, USSCA, Class I SUP Certified.

​​​Tabatha Keating ​Fitness Instructor

​​​Wendy Webber —​​Spin Instructor

Wendy Shapiro Webber has recently joined the JCCNS GEX team as a Certified Spin instructor.

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