Sea Serpent Virtual Swim Challenge

​April 24 - May 29, 2020


We are excited to announce this year’s Sea Serpents Virtual Challenge: our virtual 2020 Team fundraiser!


Our team has been divided into three groups: Green, Black & White​. (Team assignments are below.)

JCCNS Sea Serpents Swim Team

Green Team

Alex L.
Andi N.
Annabelle T.
Anthony L.
Carter O.
Eli GL.
Jack R.
Jake D.
Jane R.
Jolene F.
Judy D.
Kate D.
Kate S.
Kelly D.
Kristy V. 
Lexi H.
Max K.
Miles O.
Milli G.
Nate R.
Owen T.
Sam C.
Sarah G.
Sean C. 
Winnie W.
Yoni Y.

Black Team

Abbi M.
Adriana T. 
Ana P. 
Carson B. 
Cece R.
Dana B.
Dermott Y.
Eddie A.
Emma R.
Grace L.
Grace M.
Hannah M.
Janis Z. 
Lia B.
Liam S.
Lola M.
Lorelai M.
Maddie A.
Max D.
Max S. 
Nina G.
Rachael A.
Samantha K.
Shaelyn C. 
Willow W.
Zoe B.

White Team

Alex DP.
Brady L.
Brinleigh C.
Cale N.
Camden A.
Charlie H.
Elijah E. 
Elizabeth H.
Emily H.
Hadley H.
Jack G.
Joseph K.
Kate T.
Kayla H.
Leo LG.
Lex P.
Maddie M.
Maggie O.
Paul F.
Philip G.
Rebecca V.
Ryder L.
Seamus R.
Sofia K.
Talia T.
Will C.

Groups will compete against each other to score points. Points can be scored by either raising money through the ​Sponsor Form below and/or by completing the tasks assigned each week. Proof of tasks must be sent to Coach Ashley by 12:00pm on the Friday of each challenge week. All the completed tasks will be posted each week on our teams Facebook and Instagram with each teams updated point totals. Each task will be worth a certain number of points with each week’s task becoming more challenging, therefore worth more points.

1 point = $10 raised

For those who are able to, we invite swimmers to not only complete the weekly activities but to raise money by asking family, friends, neighbors and businesses to help support their efforts. Proceeds raised this year will be used to help offset lost revenue through the current shut down, and toward the purchase of new touch pads, underwater video, feedback equipment, and new stairs for the pool. These fundraising dollars also​ help offset expenses related to the banquet, prize ribbons, pizza parties, and championship t-shirts.

Please help support your team by joining the fundraising efforts and by participating in these team-bonding activities. ​

Winning Team Prize: 

All participating members of the team that scores the most points will win an embroidered Sea Serpent Towel!

All fundraising proceeds and activities should be in by noon on May 29th. The winning team will be announced on Saturday May 30th!


Sea Serpent Virtual Challenge Weekly Activities

​1 Point = $10 raised
All Assignments due each Friday by 12:00pm
Proof of completed assignment must be sent to Coach Ashley

​Due Date


​Week 1

​April 24


Show Your Pride

Take A Picture Dressed in Sea Serpent Gear

​​Week 2

​May 1


​Have Your Voice Heard

Write a new Team Cheer

​​Week 3

​May 8


​Make A Masterpiece

Create a Sea Serpent inspired art piece

​​Week 4

​May 15


​Feed Your Family

Bake a Sea Serpent Inspired Cake or Cupcakes

​​Week 5

​May 22


​Work i​t Out

Send us a video completing dryland exercises

​​Week 6

​May 29


Practice Your Skills

Be Creative! Send us a video practicing swimming


You can contact Ashley at

For more information about the Sea Serpents Swim Team, visit our team website at

You can also follow the Sea Serpents on Facebook and Instagram!

Swim team meet 2020
Everyone's Welcome

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