Liana DeLoid, MS, RD, LDN, is the principal and founder of Engaging Nutrition. Known for her energy, passion for nutrition and commitment to her clients, she has 12 years of experience counseling clients on nutrition and lifestyle change. She specializes in weight management, family-based nutrition, improving blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

Liana is housed at the JCCNS and offers customized nutrition plans, shopping & meal planning tips and sports nutrition advice.

Reach out to Liana at or 781-608-8397 for more on her services and fees.

The Mind Body Method: Community Wellness Starts Here

A Comprehensive health and weight management program for a better lifestyle.

Making the changes you need to allow yourself the life you deserve. With the help of local industry experts, the JCCNS is proud to offer a program that guides you on a path to complete physical and mental wellness. Our fitness, medical, nutrition and mental-health experts work together to provide clients with a comprehensive plan to achieve their wellness goals. The ultimate goal of this 8-week program is improvement in local community health, promoting normal weight and a happy, active lifestyle. ​Click here for more information on the Mind / Body Method.

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