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Premier hoops At-Home events

Every Wednesday/Friday 3:30pm – FREE Zoom Virtual Workouts!

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Meeting ID: 211 054 3868
Password: 566431

Every Monday, we release FREE At-Home Video Challenges! 

June 1  ​(Week 11)

​Week ​​11 Challenge Drills:

Our new video teaches you Ten (10) great lay-up and shooting drills!

  1. 1
    ​20 regular Mikan layups in a row
  2. 2
    20 reverse Mikan layups in a row
  3. 3
    20 form shooting makes while dribbling (w/ right and left hand)
  4. 4
    10 jump stop spin baseline reverse scoop finishes in a row
  5. 5
    20 jab fake baseline then go middle floater makes
  6. 6
    10 tap object reverse layup finishes in a row (while alternating dribbling)
  7. 7
    5 (one pound) through the leg then crossover layup finishes in a row
  8. 8
    5 (one pound) behind the back then crossover layup finishes in a row
  9. 9
    10 “4 jump layup” finishes (make 5 in a row right hand and 5 in a row left hand)
  10. 10
    10 (stutter step) “Euro Step” layup finishes in a row going full speed while alternating dribbling

Shipwreck Expedition

​Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

With the generous support of an anonymous donor, Camp Simchah plans to participate in a live broadcast with an expedition investigating shipwrecks in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary from their ship this August. We invite our community to access this site now and learn about the wrecks and this expedition. You can even sign up for live interactions with the scientists!

Everyone's Welcome

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