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2019 Summer at the J Camp information COMING SOON!​

The JCCNS is proud to partner with JTI to provide the best summer option available to teens on the North Shore: the 2019 Summer at the J CIT program. This summer’s CIT program is open to all incoming 10th graders and requires a six week commitment, starting with session one of our summer camp​.

Whether you’re looking to boost your resume, gain new skills, or connect with friends, both old and new, all while still experiencing the fun of summer camp, this program is for you! Led by our CIT-LIT Director, CITS will participate in age-appropriate counselor training and leadership workshops, team building activities, social justice projects, fun events and field trips. Additionally, CITS will help with camp special events, such as Spirit Days, all-camp gatherings, and will assist Summer at the J camp counselors in the implementation of daily programs for campers.

While CITS and LITS will come together for some programming, there will also be programming geared towards each specific group to foster cohesiveness and age-appropriate skill development amongst participants. Our goal with this CIT program is to properly train our CITS in how to be a great camp counselor. For many, being a camp counselor is often a first job, and there are responsibilities and skills that are necessary for success in this important role. Our CIT program will help groom participants so that they are prepared for the role and will achieve success.

Based on the needs of the JCCNS Summer camp and preparedness of CITS, there may be opportunity for paid employment for weeks 7, 8, and 9 of our Summer at the J camp. For teens to be considered for acceptance into the CIT program, they will be required to participate in our selection process, which includes the following:

• Program application
• Essay (one-page) describing the candidate’s interest in the position, what they feel they can bring to the position, and what they hope to gain from the experience
• Two letters of recommendation
• Participation in an interview

*There is no cost to participate in the CIT program, however, we ask that participants fill out the following registration page so that we have your information and know that you are committed to the program. Positions in our CIT program are limited and selective. 

Our CIT Program runs for 6 weeks and trains our participants in the necessary leadership and counselor skills to be a camp counselor. At the end of the 6 week training session, if the CIT is interested and qualified, they may apply to be a camp counselor at Summer at the J Camps for the remaining weeks of our 2019 summer session and if approved, can join our staff.

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