​​Kids Swim ​Lessons

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Kids Swim Lessons

​We are excited to introduce our new and improved Swim Lesson program, J Swim Academy. J Swim Academy will be combining the best of both Red Cross Swim Lessons and Swim America. We will be emphasizing early water safety and proper USA swimming stroke progressions and guidelines. Our focus will be towards providing an inclusive and safe environment taught by experienced instructors. Levels will progress from water comfort to water safety with the end goal of proper stroke technique in all four strokes, starts and turns.

​For more information about J Swim Academy, email Swim Lesson Manager, Brandon O'Donnell at bodonnell@jccns.com​.

J Swim Academy
Spring 2019 Swim Lesson Dates/Pricing
Spring 2019 Aquatics Schedule

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​Parent and Tot Swim

​Level 1: Comfort

​Level 2: Independence

​Level 3: Technique

​Level 4: Safety and Refinement

​Advanced Swim Techniques

​Create a Swim Class

Private/Semi-Private Swim Lessons

JCCNS on Twitter
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