Summer at the J

Camper Enrollment Forms

This information is for REGISTERED CAMPERS. 

All Summer at the J Camper forms MUST be completed and returned for your child to have a spot in our camp!

NEW! Online camper forms!

Our Camper Enrollment Packet has moved online! Please complete forms and submit WITH a current photo (shoulders and face) of your child by June 1, 2024.

If you have completed camp registration, you will receive an email from This email will contain a link to access your account at!/dn/login.

If you do not receive this email, and you have checked your spam folder, please email your camp director:

When filling out our online camper forms, please have the following information/items ready:

  1. 1
    Health History
  2. 2
    Emergency Care and Child Release contacts
  3. 3
    Most Recent Physical Exam (including physician’s signature)
  4. 4
    Current Immunization Record (for requirements, please click here)
  5. 5
    Current photo of your child (shoulders and face)
  6. 6
    (If applicable) Medication Authorization Form
  7. 7
    (If applicable) IEP, 504b, and documentation for any other support services your child receives
  8. 8
    (If applicable) IHP (Individual Health Care Plan), Medication Authorization Form (included in Form packet)
  • For questions about KinderCamp, please email Heather Greenberg at
  • For questions about Camp Simchah and LIT programs, please email Heather Gravelese at
  • For questions about our Inclusion Program, please email Melissa Caplan at
  • For questions about our Preschool Summer Program, please email Stephanie Walsh at

Additional Forms 

Please download and email to or fill out the online form

  • Camp Change Form:

(right-click to download)

  • Additional Extended Care Request Form:

(right-click to download)

Download your Summer at the J  Family Handbooks and Dates & Rates below.

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