Film Festival: Code Name Ayalon

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

In 1975, a demolition crew in central Israel was clearing away the remains of an old kibbutz when a small entryway leading to a secret chamber was revealed. Through interviews […]

Film Festival: They Ain’t Ready for Me

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

A force to be reckoned with, African-American rabbinical student, Tamar Manasseh, hits the streets in a grassroots effort to curb the senseless killings on the south side of Chicago. Tired of […]

Film Festival: Here We Are

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

Devoted father, Aharon, has dedicated his life to raising his autistic son, Uri. The father-son duo live in peace away from the real world, but as Uri becomes a young […]

Film Festival: Winter Journey

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

In his final screen role, Bruno Ganz blends reenactments and archival materials to relate a Jewish-German couple’s poignant pre-WWII romance. Artfully weaving past and present, Winter Journey centers around the […]

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