Film Festival: Adventures of a Mathematician

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

In this tantalizing account of the top-secret Manhattan Project, brilliant Polish-Jewish scientist Stan Ulam struggles with wartime loss and prophetic moral dilemmas at the dawn of the nuclear age. After Ulam and his brother escape Poland on the eve of the Nazi invasion, Ulam's knowledge of mathematics makes him a valuable recruit to a legendary […]

Film Festival: Aulcie

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

This highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning film On the Map tells the inspiring story of Aulcie Perry, a basketball legend recruited from the courts of Harlem, who led Maccabi Tel Aviv to victory in the 1977 European Championship. After the season, Perry surprised many by converting to Judaism, adopting the Hebrew name Elisha Ben Avraham, and becoming […]

Film Festival: A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

In this Italian drama interlacing past and present, the discovery of a puzzling photograph sparks a student to probe the history of Rome’s Jewish ghetto and the fate of a little girl. When Sofia finds an old snapshot in a neglected suitcase, she’s mesmerized by the child’s picture. As details of the child’s name, a […]

Film Festival: Kiss Me Kosher

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

Sparks fly when two families from wildly different cultural backgrounds collide to plan a same-sex wedding in this fun-filled screwball romantic comedy. After a string of brief relationships, Shira has finally found real love and gets engaged to Maria, a German who has uprooted her life with a move to Tel Aviv. The two families […]

Film Festival: A Lullaby for the Valley

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

Filmed over the course of ten years, A Lullaby for the Valley focuses on the fascinating figure of artist Eli Shamir and his paintings. Shamir paints the view from his studio balcony – fields stretching to the horizon, ancient oak trees, and a generation of farmers that is disappearing from the vistas of the Jezreel […]

Film Festival: An Irrepressible Woman

4 Community Rd., Marblehead

Teenager Janot Reichenbach fell in love with French-Jewish socialist three-time Prime Minister, Léon Blum, however difficult life circumstances kept them from marrying. It is not until the French government falls to Germany in 1940 that they can finally be together. Janot, determined to stay close to Blum, refuses to follow her family as they flee […]

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