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Swimmers will love competing in our fun, supportive family-friendly environment. We compete in dual meets and USA Swimming meets. Swimmers ages 6-18 are welcome to try-out and participate. Jump to levels and schedule below.

Initial payment will begin at registration and will then be charged on the 3rd of every month. Swimmers must also be a member of the JCCNS.

For more information, contact Head Coach, Ashley Vieira at 857-285-7922 or avieira@jccns.com.

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Team Level Descriptions


Introductory Swim Team for swimmers ages 9 years & under.  Team will be divided into Mini Green and Mini White. The JCCNS Minis will have fun developing solid technical foundation, learning all four swim strokes and turns, all while developing a love for the life-long sport of swimming. Swimmers become comfortable being on a team, in practice and at meets, and will work toward completing a legal 100 Individual Medley in competition. Mini White graduates will advance directly to Age Group Green.

MINI Green Requirements: Swimmers must be able to jump into the pool and swim one full length of Freestyle with rotary breathing and one full length Backstroke.

MINI White Requirements: 100FR with Rotary breathing, basic knowledge of BK, BR and Fly and be confident at competitions.


Intermediate Swim Team groups for ages 9-13 years. These swimmers are divided into two groups: Age Group Green and Age Group White. Swimmers in this group continue to work on stroke development through drill progressions with a special focus on efficient starts and turns, as well as increasing aerobic development through a progressive increase in distance and intensity. Age Group swimmers are challenged to transfer their technical developments into competition. Goals include developing and executing racing strategy, demonstrating sportsmanship and teamwork, and learning how to train and push themselves in practice. Dryland training is introduced at this level, focusing on injury prevention, and advancing athleticism. Age Group White graduates will advance to Senior Prep or directly to Senior Green.

Age Group Green Requirements: 4 Legal Strokes and turns, complete a legal 100IM and 6x50K @1:30.

Age Group White Requirements: All of the above and additionally legal 200IM, 6x50K @1:10 & an aerobic threshold under 1:45 for repeat 100 Freestyles.  


With a focus on bringing the benefits of technical emphasis and a progressive workload together, Senior has an increased expectation in the areas of commitment, training capacity and leadership for swimmers ages 13+ years. Senior is broken into two groups Senior Green and Senior White. Senior swimmers participate in a progressive dryland training program focused on strength training and injury prevention. Swimmers who have moved through the program will develop an understanding of how, positivity, perseverance, discipline, and the ability to step outside one’s comfort zone benefit not just the athlete but their entire swim family.

Senior Green Requirements: Strong technique and the ability to swim a 200 Individual Medley in less than three minutes & an aerobic threshold under 1:30 for repeat 100 Freestyles.

Senior White Requirements: All of the above and the ability to swim a 200 Individual Medley in less than 2:40 & an aerobic threshold under 1:15 for repeat 100 Freestyles. Dedication to the team and commitment to contributing to a great team culture. 

Swim Team Schedule

updated  4/8/24

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