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Fall 2021 4on4 Playoffs
A Division Champs: University of Phoenix
B Division Champs: LSU

4on4 Adult Hoop Standings

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 WLGPCTPFPF per GamePAPA per gamePt DiffG for PT
U of Phoenix1011.000112112.003838.00741
Umass Lowell1011.000107107.007777.00301
Wake Forest1011.0008383.007575.0081

Winter 2022 Hoop League

Preseason Schedule
Week 1
Monday 1/10
107 UMass Lowell defs. 77 Syracuse

Thursday 1/14
112 U of Phoenix def.s 38 Texas
83 Wake Forest def.s 75 Michigan
70 Kentucky def.s UConn 63

Week 2
Monday 1/17

7:30pm UMass Lowell vs. UConn
8:30pm Michigan vs. Texas

Thursday 1/20
7pm U of Phoenix vs. Wake Forest
8pm LSU vs. Syracuse
9pm Kentucky vs. Texas

Week 3
Monday 1/24

7pm UMass Lowell vs. vs. LSU
8pm Michigan vs. UConn

Thursday 1/27
7pm U of Phoenix vs. Syracuse
8pm Wake Forest vs. Kentucky
Bye Texas

Week 4
Monday 1/31

7pm UMass Lowell vs. Wake Forest
8pm Michigan vs. LSU

Thursday 2/3
7pm U of Phoenix vs. Kentucky
8pm Texas vs. UConn
9pm LSU vs. Syracuse

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