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4on4 Adult Hoop Standings

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A DivisionWLGPCTPFPF per GamePAPA per gamePt DiffG for PT
U of Phoenix404131578.7523458.5814
Fisher College2130.6671986619163.6773
St. Peters2240.5234782317733
B DivisionWLGPCTPFPF per GamePAPA per gamePt DiffG for PT
Salem St.4150.834468.824448.81005
C DivisionWLGPCTPFPF per GamePAPA per gamePt DiffG for PT
Arizona St.404126766.7522857394
Ohio St.1450.225951.828657.2-275
Weber St.1450.229859.633066-325
Boston College05502755537975.8-1045
Boston University044021453.526065-464

2022 Summer League 

Week 5
Monday, June 20

71 Houston def.s 57 LSU
79 Gonzaga def.s 65Marquette
73 Fisher College def.s 67 Syracuse
65 Arizona St. def.s 60 Ohio St.
58 Salem St. def.s 36 UConn

Thursday, June 23
93 U of Phoenix def.s 68 Duke
85 Arizona St. def.s 61 Boston College
63 St. Peter's def.s 42 Georgetown
70 Kentucky def.s 62 Alabama
76 Villanova def.s 74 Montana
73 Weber St. def.s 65 Boston University
Bye: Michigan

Week 6
Monday, June 27

7pm Fisher College vs. St. Peter's 
7pm Marquette vs. Ohio St.
8pm Michigan vs. Arizona St.
8pm Houston vs. U of Phoenix
9pm  Boston College vs. UConn
9pm Villanova vs. Boston University

Thursday, June 30
7pm Gonzaga vs. Weber St.
7pm Kentucky vs. Georgetown
8pm Syracuse vs. Alabama
8pm LSU vs. Duke
9pm Salem St. vs.  Montana

Week 7
Monday, July 4 - No Games

Thursday, July 7

7pm Michigan vs. Boston College
7pm U of Phoenix vs. St. Peter's 
8pm Fisher College vs. Kentucky
8pm Ohio St. vs. Boston University
9pm Marquette vs. Georgetown
9pm LSU vs. Montana
Byes: Alabama, Houston, Duke, Syracuse, Villanova, Salem St., UConn, Arizona St., Weber St., and Gonzaga

Week 8
Monday, July 11

7pm Fisher College vs. LSU
7pm Boston University vs. Marquette
8pm Arizona St. vs. Montana
8pm Duke vs. Houston
9pm Salem St. vs. Georgetown
9pm Weber St. vs. UConn

Thursday, July 14
7pm Villanova vs. Gonzaga
7pm Fisher College vs. U of Phoenix
8pm Kentucky vs. Houston
8pm Alabama vs. St. Peter's 
9pm Boston College vs. Marquette
9pm Michigan vs. Syracuse

Week 9
Monday, July 18

7pm Kentucky vs. Ohio St.
7pm Fisher College vs. Duke
8pm Syracuse vs. Alabama
8pm Gonzaga vs. Boston University
9pm Montana vs. Salem St.
9pm St. Peter's vs. Houston

Thursday, July 21
7pm LSU vs. U of Phoenix
7pm Villanova vs. Boston College
8pm Georgetown vs. Michigan
8pm Gonzaga vs. Ohio St.
9pm Arizona St. vs. Weber St.
9pm Marquette vs. UConn

Early season results:
Week 4
Monday, June 13

77 Salem St. def.s 53 Boston University
67 Marquette def.s 64 Weber St.
85 Houston def.s 67 Montana
62 Fisher College  def.s 58 Alabama
59 UConn def.s 40 Ohio St.

Thursday, June 16
63 LSU def.s 45 Boston College
68 Michigan def.s 47 Villanova
66 Syracuse def.s 46 Duke
86 Gonzaga def.s 83 Georgetown
Byes:  U of Phoenix, Arizona St., St Peter's, and Kentucky

Week 3
Monday, June 6

66 Houston def.s 63 Fisher College
52 Salem St. def.s 47 Ohio St.
82 Gonzaga def.s 73 Arizona St.
91 Gonzaga def.s 69 UConn
69 Montana def.s 51 Weber St.

Thursday, June 9
91 U of Phoenix def.s 59 Michigan
70 LSU def.s 67 St. Peter's
74 Alabama def.s 69 Duke
76 Syracuse def.s 58 Kentucky
74 Georgetown def.s 60 Boston College
75 Villanova def.s 71 UConn
Bye: B
oston University

Week 2
Monday, May 30

60 Arizona St. def.s 51 Boston University
55 St. Peter's def.s 46 Michigan
63 Alabama def.s 46 LSU
101 Salem St. def.s 51 Marquette
74 Houston def.s 59 Boston College

Thursday, June 2
59 U of Phoenix def.s 53 Syracuse
65 Michigan def.s 58 Weber St.
65 Villanova def.s 62 Ohio St.
83 Duke def.s 57 Kentucky
Bye Montana, UConn, Georgetown and Fisher College

Week 1
Monday, May 23
57 Arizona St. def.s 56 Salem St.
66 UConn def.s 57 Montana

Thursday, May 26
72 U of Phoenix def.s 54 Georgetown
73 Syracuse def.s 49 St. Peter's
68 Duke def.s 56 Villanova
64 Kentucky def.s 52 Weber St.
50 Ohio St. def.s 45 Boston University
83 Alabama def.s 50 Boston College
Byes: Marquette, LSU, Houston and Michigan

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