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Schedule & Results

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4on4 Adult Hoop Standings

 WLGPCTPFPF per GamePAPA per gamePt DiffG for PT
U of Phoenix6061.00057696.0039165.171856
Wichita St3360.50036661.0041569.17-496
Stephan F Austin0550.00028957.8037575.00-865

Week 8 Schedule
Monday ​June 24
​7:00pm ​Stetson vs. Marshall
8:00pm FGCU vs. Wichita St
8:00pm ​Syracuse vs. Miami

Thursday ​June 27
​​7:30pm ​Syracuse vs. U of Phoenix
7:30pm ​UMBC vs. Stephan F Austin
8:30pm ​Michigan vs. UConn
8:30pm ​LSU vs. Miami
Bye ​Kentucky

Week 7 Schedule
Monday ​June 17
​7:00pm ​UMBC vs. Wichita St
7:00pm FGCU vs. Stephan F Austin
8:00pm Syracuse vs. Kentucky
8:00pm ​UConn vs. Marshall

Thursday ​June 20
​​7:30pm ​​Syracuse vs. Ste​tson
7:30pm ​​Michigan vs. Marshall
8:30pm ​​LSU vs. U of Phoenix
​8:30pm ​UConn vs. Kentucky

Week 6 Schedule
Monday ​June 10
65 LSU def. s 61 Syracuse
84 Kentucky def.s 80 FGCU

Thursday ​June 13
​​105 U of Phoenix def.s 57 Michigan
​78 Marshall def.s 60 Miami
60 Stetson def.s 40UMBC
55 ​Wichita St def.s 35 Stephan F Austin
Bye ​UConn

Week 5 Schedule
Monday ​June 3
64 LSU def.s 59 UConn
109 U of Phoenix def.s 82 Kentucky

Thursday ​June 6
​​62 Stetson def.s 42 Stephan F Austin​
84 Marshall def.s 51 UMBC
72 Michigan def.s 67 FGCU
62 ​Wichita St def.s 53 Miami
Bye ​Syracuse

Week 4 Schedule
Monday May 27
​No Game Memorial Day

Thursday May 30
82 Syracuse def.s 73 Michigan
66 Wichita St def.s 57 Marshall
74 LSU def.s 39 Stetson
75 Miami def.s 48 UMBC
100 U of Phoenix def.s 45 UConn
70 Kentucky def.s 69 Stephan F Austin

Week 3 Schedule
Monday May 20
​57 UConn def.s 47 FGCU
50 Kentucky def.s 39 UMBC

Thursday May 23
49 Marshall def.s 45 Stephan F Austin
84 U of Phoenix def.s 68  Miami
106 LSU def.s 57 Wichita St
60 Stetson def.s 54 Michigan
Bye Syracuse

Week 2 Schedule
Monday May 13
​78 UConn def.s 44 UMBC
​106 Syracuse def.s 62 FGCU

Thursday May 16
​​57 Kentucky def.s 44 Wichita St
75 ​U of Phoenix def.s ​57 Stetson
78 Michigan def.s 74 Miami
65 LSU def.s 29 Stephan F Austin
Bye Marshall

Week 1 Schedule
Monday May 6
​68 FGCU def.s 46 UMBC
111 Syracuse  def.s 68 UConn

Thursday May 9
​81 LSU def.s 61 Marshall
103 U of Phoenix def.s 82 Wichita St
​74 Michigan def.s 69 Stephen F Austin
86 Stetson def.s 79 Kentucky
Bye Miami

​Spring/Summer 2019 TEAMS:
Florida Gulf Coast: Mark Imber
Kentucky: Cam Addis
LSU: Justyn Fischer-Block
Marshall: Roger Michalowski
Miami:  Free agent team
Michigan: Dwight Robson
Stephen F Austin: Nathan Goldstein
Syracuse: Ryan Patenaude
Stetson: Spencer Webber
UConn: Russ Bronshvayg
UMBC: Kevin Clyne
U of Phoenix: Dan Jones
Wichita St: Skylar Chardon

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