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Previous weeks results below.

Week 3

Monday 5/27/24
Memorial Day - No Games

Wednesday 5/29/24
7pm UNH vs. ASU
8pm Boston University vs. MSU
9pm UConn vs. Florida

Thursday 5/30/24
7pm Georgetown vs. Ball State
7pm Grambling vs. LSU
8pm Murray State vs. U of Phoenix
8pm Drake vs. Boston College
9pm Purdue vs. Michigan
9pm Syracuse vs. Montana

Byes: Arizona, Florida Gulf Coast U, Providence, Salem State, Ohio State, Marquette, St. Johns U, Delaware, Washington, Bethune-Cookman U and Gonzaga

4on4 Adult Hoop Standings Summer 2024

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Arizona state 2021.0001467312864182
University of Phoenix2021.0001909515879322
Ball state 1120.50013768.515979.5-222
Boston University1120.5001286415577.5-272
Florida Gulf Coast U1120.50013165.514773.5-162
Ohio State1120.5001567814673102
Salem State1120.50012964.51286412
St John’s U1120.5001165811557.512
Bethune-Cookman U0220.00014974.515879-92
Boston College0220.0001487416381.5-152
Michigan State0220.0006733.57437-72
Murray State0220.00012964.514371.5-142

Week 4
Monday 6/3/24

7pm St Johns U vs. MSU
7pm Washington vs. Boston College
8pm Michigan vs. Providence
8pm Drake vs. Georgetown
9pm Montana vs. Murray State
9pm UNH vs. Ohio State

Wednesday 6/5/24
7pm Arizona vs. Ball State
8pm Marquette vs. Boston University
9pm Purdue vs. Grambling

Thursday 6/6/24
7pm Bethune-Cookman U vs. U of Phoenix
7pm Florida vs. ASU
8pm Gonzaga vs. LSU
8pm Salem State vs. Syracuse
9pm Washington vs. Delaware
9pm Florida Gulf Coast U vs. UConn

Week 5
Monday 6/10/24

7pm Ohio State vs. Drake
7pm Boston University vs. Boston College
8pm Florida Gulf Coast U vs. Marquette
8pm Providence vs. Montana
9pm Gonzaga vs. Murray State

Wednesday 6/12/24
7pm Ball State vs. Delaware
8pm Arizona vs. UConn
9pm Purdue vs. Florida

Thursday 6/13/24
7pm ASU vs. Grambling
7pm U of Phoenix vs. Salem State
8pm MSU vs. Georgetown
8pm Syracuse vs. Bethune-Cookman U
9pm LSU vs. Washington
9pm UNH vs. St. Johns U
Bye Michigan

Week 6
Monday 6/17/24

7pm Providence vs. U of Phoenix
7pm St Johns U vs. Arizona
8pm Michigan vs. Boston University
8pm Salem State vs. Marquette
9pm Ohio State vs. Boston College
9pm Montana vs. Gonzaga

Wednesday 6/19/24
7pm Ball State vs. MSU
8pm UConn vs. Delaware
9pm Murray State vs. Bethune-Cookman U

Thursday 6/20/24
7pm ASU vs. Washington
7pm LSU vs. Florida
8pm Purdue vs. Syracuse
8pm Grambling vs. Michigan
9pm Georgetown vs. UNH
9pm Drake vs. Florida Gulf Coast U

Week 7
Monday 6/24/24

7pm Ball State vs. St. Johns U
7pm Providence vs. Purdue
8pm MSU vs. Florida Gulf Coast U
8pm Boston College vs. UNH
9pm Drake vs. Washington
9pm UConn vs. Ohio State

Wednesday 6/26/24
7pm ASU vs. LSU
8pm Boston University vs. Montana

Thursday 6/27/24
7pm Salem State vs. Bethune-Cookman U
7pm Delaware vs. Arizona
8pm Syracuse vs. U of Phoenix
8pm Michigan vs. Marquette
9pm Grambling vs. Murray State
9pm Florida vs. Gonzaga
Bye: Georgetown

Week 8
Monday 7/1/24

7pm Arizona vs. Florida Gulf Coast U
7pm Providence vs. Salem State
8pm Gonzaga vs. Bethune-Cookman U
8pm Ohio State vs. Marquette
9pm Delaware vs. St. Johns U

7/3/24 and 7/4/24 No games.
Happy 4th of July

Byes: ASU, UNH, Boston University, MSU, UConn, Florida, Georgetown, Ball State, Purdue, Michigan, U of Phoenix, Murray State, Boston College, Drake, Grambling, LSU, Syracuse, Montana and Washington

Week 9
Monday 7/8/24

7pm MSU vs. Boston College
7pm Drake vs. ASU
8pm Ohio State vs. Ball State
8pm Salem State vs. Montana
9pm Syracuse vs. Providence
9pm St. Johns U vs. Georgetown

Wednesday 7/10/24
7pm Florida vs. Grambling
8pm Bethune-Cookman U vs. Boston University
9pm UNH vs. UConn

Thursday 7/11/24
7pm Arizona vs. Georgetown
7pm Purdue vs. U of Phoenix
8pm Gonzaga vs. Washington
8pm LSU vs. Marquette
9pm Michigan vs. Murray State
9pm Florida Gulf Cost U vs. Delaware

Previous week's results:
Week 2
Monday 5/20/24
94 Providence def.s 58 Boston University
79 Ball State def.s 77 Boston College
90 Florida def.s 51 Washington
78 Ohio State def.s 62 MSU
83 Purdue def.s 71 Murray State
69 UNH def.s 47 Florida Gulf Coast U

Wednesday 5/22/24
83 Marquette def.s 82 Bethune-Cookman U
58 Grambling def.s 54 Gonzaga
66 St. John's U def.s 59 UConn

Thursday 5/23/24
72 Arizona State def.s 61 Arizona
68 Salem State def.s 58 Michigan
97 U of Phoenix def.s 69 Montana
58 LSU def.s 52 Drake
56 Georgetown def.s 46 Delaware
60 Syracuse def.s 58 Murray State

Week 1
Monday 5/13/24

74 Arizona State def.s 67 Michigan State
70 Boston University def.s 61 Salem State
82 Washington def.s 58 Ball State
56 Gonzaga def.s 50 St. Johns U
83 Purdue def.s 80 Montana OT

Wednesday 5/15/24
67 LSU def.s 44 Arizona
84 Marquette def.s 71 Boston College
50 UNH def.s 41 Delaware

Thursday 5/16/24
 93 U of Phoenix def.s 89 Michigan
84 Florida Gulf Coast U def.s 78 Ohio State
75 Providence def.s 67 Bethune-Cookman U
66 Drake def.s 48 Gambling
63 UConn def.s 53 Georgetown
97 Syracuse def.s 70 Florida
Bye Murray State

We are looking to have a great Spring Summer Season.
Please note the following details:

-Regular Season is 8 games please double elimination playoffs.

-First three games/weeks are a parity round to help determine divisions.

-Shirts have been ordered for teams registering on time. An effort will be made to get needed extras.

-If a player does not have a JCCNS League shirt they should bring a blue and white shirt, preferably numbered.

-Each game is Schedule for the top of the hour. We reserve the right to call the game at 15 past the hour or modify the game to stay on schedule.

-The referees calls are final. If a player is given two technical fouls, then they need to leave the gym and miss their team’s next game.

-A deposit for each team needed to be done, before their first game. A $10 late fee maybe applied to players that carry balances.

-Cursing is frowned upon and may lead to a technical foul.

-Fighting is unacceptable and can lead to a suspension or expulsion from the league.

Thank you,


Everyone's Welcome

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