Basketball 4on4


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Week 7
Monday 10/25/21

7pm Oral Roberts vs. U of Phoenix
8pm Florida vs. Boston College
9pm Baylor vs. Oregon State

Thursday 10/28/21
7pm Alabama vs. Michigan
7pm Ohio State vs. LSU 
8pm Boston College vs. Davidson
8pm U of Phoenix vs. Kentucky
9pm UCLA vs. Texas
9pm Kentucky vs. UConn
Bye North Alabama

Week 8
Monday 11/1/21

7pm Baylor vs. Michigan
8pm Oral Roberts vs. Boston College
9pm LSU vs. Oregon State

Thursday 11/4/21
7pm Florida vs. U of Phoenix
7pm Davidson vs. UCLA
8pm Alabama vs. Texas
8pm  UConn vs. Kentucky
9pm North Alabama vs. Ohio State

Week 9
Monday 11/8/21

7pm Oregon State vs. Kentucky
8pm Baylor vs. Ohio State
9pm Florida vs. Oral Roberts

Thursday 11/11/21
7pm UConn vs. Michigan
7pm Davidson vs. Alabama
8pm UCLA vs. U of Phoenix
8pm  Boston College vs. Texas
9pm North Alabama vs. LSU

4on4 Adult Hoop Standings

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 WLGPCTPFPF per GamePAPA per gamePt DiffG for PT
Oral Roberts3250.60029172.7524260.50494
Oregon State2350.40023847.6035971.80-1215
Boston College1340.25025062.5027869.50-284
Ohio State0550.00012030.0025363.25-1334
U of North Alabama0660.00031352.1742570.83-1126

Week 6
Monday 10/18/21

71 Baylor def.s 49 Oregon State
Florida wins via forfeit Alabama
Oral Roberts wins via forfeit over UCLA

Thursday 10/21/21
52 Davidson def.s 40 Texas
Kentucky wins via forfeit over Ohio State
82 U of Phoenix def.s 70 Boston College
69 LSU def.s 46 UConn
92 Michigan def.s 40 North Alabama

Week 5
Monday 10/11/21: Columbus Day No Games

Thursday 10/14/21
84 Davidson def.s 79 Oral Roberts
60 Michigan def.s 37 Ohio State
87 Alabama def.s 66 UCLA
80 LSU def.s 58 North Alabama
71 Boston College def.s 55 UConn
Byes: Florida, Texas, Baylor and Oregon State, Kentucky,  U of Phoenix

Week 4
Monday 10/4/21
113 Florida def.s 33 Oregon State
80 Oral Roberts def.s 68 Alabama

Thursday 10/7/21
56 U of Phoenix def.s 38 Texas
90 Davidson def.s 64 LSU
50 Kentucky def.s 29 Ohio State
63 UCLA def.s 52 Boston College
67 UConn def.s 59 North Alabama
84 Michigan def.s 63 Baylor

Week 3
Monday 9/27/21
62 Baylor def.s 49 North Alabama
 58 Texas def.s 56 Oral Roberts

Thursday 9/30/21
90 Davidson def.s 76 U of Phoenix
75 Michigan def.s 73 Alabama
75 Kentucky def.s 52 Oregon State
78 LSU def,s 57 Boston College
67 UConn def.s 22 Ohio State 
64 UCLA def.s 62 Florida

Week 2
Monday 9/20/21
71 Florida def.s 49 Baylor
46 Oregon State def.s 45 UConn

Thursday 9/23/21
94 U of Phoenix def.s 89 Alabama
82 LSU def.s 76 Michigan
76 Oral Roberts def.s 32 Ohio State
77 UCLA def.s 55 Kentucky
67 Texas def.s 53 U of North Alabama

Week 1
Monday 9/13/21

86 Davidson def.s 77  Florida
74 Texas def.s 61 Baylor
57 Oregon State def.s 54  U of North Alabama
Bye Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, Michigan, Oral Roberts, UConn, U of Phoenix

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