​Health & Wellness

Readers Choice named us the Best Fitness Center in Marblehead and the region – for SIX straight years!

The JCCNS is an award-winning hub for Fitness & Wellness programming for everyone in the family…  ranging from J Jump through Senior Strength & Balance classes.

We offer more than 80 FREE Group Exercise classes every week, including  DancEnergy, Results 3C, TRX, Spinning, BodyPump,  Zumba and Yoga.  We also run specialty classes, such as KnockOut!, SparBarre, Women’s Strength and Men’s Strength. You’ll love our expert Personal Trainers, too.

We are excited to announce our new HITT and Run Adventure Training for all ages!  This class is preparation to compete in obstacle course races, like Spartan, Tough Mudder and others that are taking the fitness world by storm.  Join us for this intense class featuring various stations involving flipping tires, pushing and pulling sleds, working the sledge hammer, battling ropes and so much more to push your body to it’s limit.

**Get Your Tweens Moving! We’re running FREE Fitness Center Orientations for kids ages 12-15.  Once they complete the orientation, they can use the Cardio Room when supervised by an adult.  Teens 16+ years can use both the Cardio & Strength Training rooms without an orientation.  Get your orientation by contacting Health and Wellness Director​

Everyone's Welcome

The JCCNS is a non-profit organization supported by active members and generous donors. Please support our community by making your tax-deductible gift today!