Early Childhood Events & School Closing

​​​Early Childhood Events & School Closings

​​​​​The following schedule/closings and events are for the September 201​9 - June 20​20 school year. Events are subject to change due to weather or other circumstances. In case of inclement weather, please call our welcome desk  at 781-631-8330 for current event updates.

2019-2020 Schedules & Events

August 2019

  • CLOSED: ​Wednesday, Aug ​28th​,  Staff Training Day
  • ​CLOSED: ​Thursday, Aug 29th,​ ​ Staff Training Day
  • ​​CLOSED: Friday,  Aug 3​0th,​  Staff Training Day​​​

September 2019

  • ​​CLOSED: ​​Monday, Sept 2nd, Labor Day
  • ​CLOSED:​ Monday, Sept ​30th & Tuesday, Oct 1st, Rosh Hashanah​​​

October 2019

  • CLOSING AT 3:00PM: Tuesday, Oct 8th, Erev Yom Kippur​
  • CLOSED:  Wednesday, October 9th, Yom Kippur
  • CLOSED: Monday, October 14th, Columbus Day

November 2019

  • CLOSED: ​​Monday, Nov 1​1th, Veteran's Day
  • ​CLOSED: ​​Thursday, Nov 2​8th & Friday, Nov 29th, Thanksgiving Recess​​​

December 2019

  • CLOSING AT 3:00PM: Tues Dec 24th, Christmas Eve​
  • CLOSED: ​​​Wed, Dec 25th, Christmas Day
  • VACATION WEEK for Preschool/Primetime: Mon, ​​​Dec 23rd, 2019 -​Wed, January 1st, 2020  
  • ​ ​​I/T  In Session: ​​​​Dec 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th, 30th  & 31st ​​
  • Vacation program for Preschool only: Dec 23rd, 24th, 26th & 27th

 January 2020

  • CLOSED: ​Wednesday, Jan 1​st, ​New Years Day
  • CLOSED: ​Monday, Jan ​20th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day / Staff Training Day

February 2020

  • CLOSED: ​​​​Monday, Feb 17th, President's Day
  • ​​VACATION WEEK for Preschool/Primetime: ​​​​Feb ​18th - 21st​ ​  ​I/T Program in Session.
  • Vacation program for Preschool only: February 18th-21st

March 2020

    April 2020

    • ​CLOSING AT 3:00PM​​:  Wednesday, April 8th,  First Seder
    • ​​​​​​CLOSED: ​​​Thursday, April 9th, ​First Day of Passover
    • ​​​​​​CLOSED: ​​​Friday,  Apr 10th,  Second Day of Passover
    • ​​VACATION WEEK for Preschool / Primetime:  ​Apr 20th-24th. ​I/T Program in session.
    • Vacation program for Preschool only: April 20th-24th

    May 2020

    • CLOSED: ​​ Monday, ​​​​​​​​​May 2​5th, Memorial Day

    June 2020

    • ​LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL / PRIMETIME: Thursday, June 1​8th
    • ​​​Preschool Intersession Week: ​Jun 22nd - 26th, Preschool program offered.​​​

    Infant / Toddler care is continuous over the summer.

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