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N​utrition F​itness W​ellness Support

A Comprehensive health and weight management program for a better lifestyle.

Making the changes you need to allow yourself the life you deserve.

With the help of local industry experts, the JCCNS is proud to offer a program that guides you on a path to complete physical and mental wellness.  Our fitness, medical, nutrition and mental-health experts work together to provide clients with a comprehensive plan to achieve their wellness goals. The ultimate goal of this 8-week program is improvement in local community health, promoting normal weight and a happy, active lifestyle.

  • Nutrition: There will be an initial 30-minute, one-on-one, nutritional intake meeting with our nutritionist to assess the client’s current nutritional position. Clients will continue to meet as a group, every other week, with our nutritionist.
  • F​itness: Clients will meet at the JCCNS twice a week for a group training session focused on improving physical fitness. 
  • W​ellness Support: Clients will meet with our wellness support professionals, every other week, in a group setting, to discuss their progress and learn to become more mindful and self-aware.

​​​Dates and times are determined by the client and the professional team member. Contact our Fitness Director for more information or to initiate your program!

​8  Week, All-Inclusive Program: $540


Nutrition expert and Dietician, Liana DeLoid, MS, RD, LDN provides individualized nutritional counseling to help develop healthy eating habits by making a lifestyle change that implements proper nutrition. Liana helps create a realistic nutrition plan to improve eating habits and lifestyle based on medical history and personal goals. Beginning with a nutritional assessment that reviews medical history, health or fitness goals, and family dynamics, Liana will focus on proper nutrition, portion sizes, key nutrients (carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, etc) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Our certified JCCNS personal trainers will begin with a comprehensive fitness assessment on each client. Working together with our medical expert, clients will receive an individualized fitness regimen and ongoing training focused on achieving a healthy weight and happy, active lifestyle. Our trainers will provide continued support as clients gain confidence and strength in their fitness routine.

W​ellness Support

Professionally trained LICSWs, Jane Zeller and Judi Goldman, will facilitate group sessions focused on helping clients gain a stronger and healthier approach to embracing their whole health. Clients receive support and valuable perspective from others facing similar health challenges. Using tools such as discussion, coping strategies, meditation/mindfulness and humor, these wellness sessions will help participants become more hopeful and self-aware, while working toward the goal of creating healthy approaches to both physical and emotional changes that come with health struggles.

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