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All levels! Cardio drills combined with strength training for 1 workout and 1 way to change your body!

Barre Body
All levels! Learn Barre techniques including ballet, Pilates and yoga. Highly effective isometric movements that can help improve postural alignment, core strength, and enhance mobility.

The JCCNS is a licensed BodyPump facility with the best instructors anywhere! Find out how millions of people around the world have changed their bodies in this resistance training class with weights. You WILL see results.

Cardio Dance
All levels! Join the fun in this easy to follow aerobic dance class for adults of all ages!

Cardio Kickboxing
All levels! A combination of dance & martial arts that will zap calories, improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness, define your muscles & shred your abs.

All levels! Energetic, fun and challenging class; a series of choreographed dance routines set to great music and many styles of dance.

Drums Alive®
All levels! Have fun and get your heart pumping as you drum to choreographed movements. Powerful and motivating music and drumming rhythms will get your feet stomping and your body moving.

Fit Forever Cardio & Strength
Straight forward and fun! This class is easy-to-follow aerobics and senior specific muscle toning. This is an effective way to burn calories, strengthen muscles and improve balance!

Fit Forever Strength
Aging to perfection is fun! Fit Forever Strength is an active class using hand-weights, tubes, body bars, Pilates circles, etc. with gentle exercises to increase muscular strength, bone density, balance, flexibility, joint stability and range of motion. This class is designed at a slower pace for those coming off an injury, with mobility issues, seniors or those just starting to exercise.

Functional Fitness Xpress
All levels! A 45 minute version of our new Functional Fitness class.

Fundamentals of Yoga
All levels! A flow-based class focusing on the core principals of yoga, proper alignment and breath, used together to open and strengthen the body, and increase balance and flexibility.

H2O Deep
All levels! Deep water cardio and body sculpting workout designed for a challenge. Effective and safe combinations of movements to strengthen the heart and tone the body! Should be comfortable in deep water - flotation belt provided.

All levels! Pilates emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength and flexibility to support efficient, graceful movement.

Pilates Sport
All levels! Using magic circles, resistance bands and weights, the perfect tools to bring better performance, injury prevention and balance and stability into your everyday life!

Power Yoga
All levels! A true immersion into your physical and mental self. Come to reset, refresh and realize your true potential on & off the mat!

Results 3C
All levels!  Get whipped into shape with the latest in modern cardio, conditioning and core training.

Sculpt & Stretch
All levels! Tone and define your body to perfection and delight your muscles with self-massage and soft tissue work on the foam rollers!

Senior Strength & Balance
All levels! Fun, energetic class that helps our seasoned members work on their balance by incorporating specific core (abdominal) exercises. May sit during class.

All levels! SparBarre is a powerful combo of boxing skills and barre technique including ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Together they deliver strength, agility, balance, flexibility, and overall core strength.

Spin® & Sculpt
All levels! Combination cardio and sculpt class is a calorie torching, fat burning, cycle workout set to motivating music with intervals of strength and core training exercises off the bike. A fun, fast paced, total body workout!

All levels! Come ride with us! Official Spinning facility with Certified instructors through Mad Dogg Athletics

Spinning Core®
All levels! A combo class taught by certified spinning instructor and personal trainer, Annalisa DiPalma. A combination of spinning with core training that strengthens the muscles needed for more efficiency during spinning, outdoor cycling, sports, recreation and everyday life!

Spinning® Shorter Sweeter
All levels! A 45-minute version of of our popular Spinning class!

Spinning® TRX® Explosion
All levels! 30-minutes of a calorie crushing ride and 30-minutes of TRX- targeted training and sculpting, using your own body weight as resistance for a core workout. Improve strength, balance and flexibility in a crazy, fun, cardio and core-driven full-body toning class.

Strong Women
All levels! Based on clinical research, weight training classes increase overall strength, flexibility, and improve bone density, helping to tone and firm. This class will help prevent osteoporosis, improve balance, posture and stamina.

Tabata Strength & Core
Intermediate/Advanced! Each Tabata set includes 20 seconds of strength training followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for a total of 4 minutes and finishes with 1 minute of rest! Best for advanced exercisers comfortable with intense training. End with 15 minutes of abdominal shredding exercises!

Total Body Cutz
All levels! This high-energy, total-body strength and conditioning class will use all equipment to target every muscle group: weights, balls, steps, tubes, etc. helping to define, tone and give you a complete body workout.

Total Body Cutz Express
All levels! 30 minute version of popular Total Body Cutz class.

All levels ! TRX® Suspension Training is a total-body resistance workout. Suspension training is a unique and valuable training method for sports performance and general fitness. TRX® exercises combine functional strength, flexibility, balance and core stability.

Vinyasa Yoga
All levels! This style focuses on linking the breath with movement and is often referred to as a moving meditation. The poses flow from one to another in conjunction with one's breath. It is a fun, powerful practice, that can be modified for all levels.

Come join the fun at the pool! Our Aqua Splash Fit cardio and conditioning classes are set to lively music and have easy to follow moves! This class will shape and sculpt you a whole new body using the resistance of the water, water buoys and noodles. Get fit for life! Swimming ability not required.

Yoga Flow
All levels! Find balance, serenity and relaxation with this slow Vinyasa class. Escape from today's hectic life by slowing down through guided visualization to bring more peace into your life

All levels!  Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music with dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system.

Zumba® & Toning Combo
All levels! A combination class with the excitement of Zumba® and a Latin inspired dance ‘n tone program. We provide lightweight toning sticks, similar to maracas. In a short period of time, this challenging workout builds coordination and muscle endurance.

The Group Exercise Department reserves the right to modify the schedule based on participation. Appropriate attire is required. Group Exercise staff may deny participation due to safety concerns. Beginners are encouraged to modify workout intensity to their appropriate level. Teens ages 13-15 must be accompanied by a parent in class. For additional information please contact the Health & Wellness Director.

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