Early Childhood Department

Stephanie Walsh Early Childhood Director

Stephanie has worked at the JCCNS for 6 years as the Early Childhood Director. She holds a degree in English and a Masters in Infant Toddler Care and Early Childhood Administration.  She raised her family in Beverly and now lives in Salem with her husband.
(857) 285-7924

Heather Greenberg KinderCamp Director and Masoret Teacher

Heather has worked at the JCCNS for 10 years, primarily as a Early Childhood teacher and KinderCamp Director. She now serves as the Early Childhood Coordinator, working on special events, inclusion support and teacher support for our Early Childhood Center. Heather lives in Swampscott with her husband and two children.
(857) 285-7920

Melissa Caplan Director of Camp Inclusion Programs

(857) 285-7956

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