Membership Department

Andrew DaltonMembership Operations Director

Andrew has been with the JCCNS for 17 years and has served in a variety of roles, including Aquatics Director, Special Events Coordinator, Triathlon Director and more! He loves that his current job allows him to focus on keeping members engaged and happy.
(857) 285-7915

Andrea Mann Welcome Center Associate

Andrea Mann is one of the friendliest faces in town! She has been welcoming members and guests into our building at the JCCNS Welcome Center for years, and also helps our community members sign up for JCCNS classes, activities and more.  Andrea says, "One of the best parts of my job is I get to talk to everyone. I am fortunate to have developed great relationships with our members and for that, I am so grateful!"
(857) 285-7902

Everyone's Welcome

The JCCNS is a non-profit organization supported by active members and generous donors. Please support our community by making your tax-deductible gift today!