“Hineni” (hee-neh-nee) is a Hebrew phrase comprised of two short words: ‘hineh’ and ‘ani’, meaning “here” and “I”. When the two words are put together, ‘hineni’ becomes a powerful declaration of total readiness to serve, a statement making us fully available and accessible. 

We’ve BEEN here. We ARE here. We WILL BE here. The JCCNS is here.

In the spirit of Hineni, this year, at a time when the Jewish people and all people are especially seeking comfort, meaning, and togetherness, the JCCNS is here to serve through meaningful programs, gatherings, and mission-driven activities. 

Our Early Childhood and After-School Programs are here for families looking for the highest level of childcare for their precious children, offering the very best start to their education journey and a community that creates life-long friendships and connections. 

Our Fitness and Aquatics Departments are here for those focusing on their physical and mental health, striving for wellness and wellbeing in their everyday lives. 

Our Adult Programs and Cultural Events are here for those seeking opportunities for learning, expanding their scope of knowledge, and for community conversations regarding a wide array of relevant and inspiring topics. 

All our programs and departments are here to create space and opportunity for people of all abilities to participate and succeed. 

Our leadership and staff are here to welcome, help, and support our members, guests, and community, and we are committed to maintaining a space where everyone feels welcome. 

Our mission of being here, the central gathering place for Jewish life, learning and culture on the North Shore, offering enriching experiences to strengthen Jewish identity and connection to the State of Israel, enhancing all members’ social, physical, educational, and spiritual lives and strengthening our relationship with the community at large, guides us in everything that we do. 

Hineni. The JCCNS is proudly here for you.  

This year, we humbly ask for your support of the JCCNS Annual Appeal so that we may continue to be here for generations to come. Amen!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Marty Schneer

Marty Schneer    
JCCNS Executive Director  

Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein
JCCNS  Board President

Everyone's Welcome

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