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5on5 Adult Hoop Standings

 WLGPCTPFPF per GamePAPA per gamePt DiffG for PT
Golden State4150.800429107.2533483.50954
New Jersey4150.80044889.6039779.40515

Week 9
​Monday July 1
​8pm Miami vs. OKC
​9pm Boston vs. Toronto

Tuesday July 1
​​​7pm OKC vs. Brooklyn
8pm ​ Chicago vs. Boston
9pm ​New Jersey vs. Golden State
Bye Miami

Week 8
Monday June 24

​9pm NJ vs. Brooklyn

​Tuesday June 25
​​​7pm Boston vs. OKC
8pm ​Miami vs. Toronto
9pm Golden State vs. Chicago

Week 7
Monday June 17

​9pm ​New Jersey vs. Boston

​Tuesday June 18
​​​7pm Miami vs. Chicago
8pm​ Toronto vs. Brooklyn
9pm ​OKC vs. Golden State

Week 6
Monday June 10

​102 Toronto def.s 45 OKC

​Tuesday June 11
86 Brooklyn def.s 61 Boston
89 New Jersey def.s 80 Chicago
153 Golden State def.s 91 Miami

Week 5
Monday June 3

62 Boston def.s 51 OKC

​Tuesday June 4
​​​77 Brooklyn def.s 71 Chicago
89 Toronto def. s 80 Golden State
​80 New Jersey def.s 73 Miami

Week 4
​Tuesday May 28
​​​85 Miami def.s 62 OKC
86 Golden State def.s 53 Brooklyn
99 New Jersey defs. 75 Toronto
Bye Chicago

Week 3
​Monday May 20
​79 New Jersey def.s 59 OKC

Tuesday May 21
​​82 ​Chicago def.s 56 Miami
​​Bye Toronto, Golden State, Brooklyn

Week 2
​Tuesday May 14
​120 Brooklyn def.s 64 Miami
97 Toronto def.s 72 Chicago
110​ Golden State def.s 101 New Jersey

Week 1
Tuesday May 7

​70 Brooklyn def.s 62 Chicago
Golden State wins via forfeit Toronto
Bye: Boston, New Jersey and Houston

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